Our Guiding Principles

tbcoh 11
Participants of our workshop “Exploring Strategies for Healing A Wounded Community”, Georgetown University, November 2017


We hope to create a sacred space in which contributors feel safe, supported, nurtured, and celebrated in sharing their narratives in a way that is authentic to them. We do not, in any capacity uphold expectations of respectability politics, nor do we tolerate policing one another in harmful ways. We hope for this space to be one in which we can honor and show up unapologetically in the embodiment of our truths.

Radical Compassion

As women and femmes of color of all genders who are subject to intersecting forms of institutional, mental, emotional, and interpersonal violence which are rooted in falsehoods that insist we are not worthy of love, we believe that it is crucial to center love and compassion in our movements;  We are all infinitely worthy of an abundance of love; we prioritize radical compassion, fierce gentleness, brutal softness, and loving affirmation in the ways we manage this digital platform.


Our liberation is inextricably bound to one another. We have a shared experience of being targeted by overlapping modalities of structural violence. We believe it is a fundamental articulation of resistance to also engage in collectively healing wounds that have been inflicted upon us by these forms of violence.


We do not coddle privilege, guilt, or ‘good intentions’ here. Instead, we encourage compassionate processes of accountability, growth, and becoming. We practice accountability through a transformative justice lens, trusting that our community can support and challenge each other as a form of love in service of radical liberation and community restoration.





We believe it is insufficient to merely reference intersectionality as an aspect of community building; it is crucial that community-building frameworks begin with honoring intersectionality as a fundamental organizing axis that is necessary in developing a critically engaged, anti-oppressive, & accountable community.


We are committed to actively disrupting and interrogating, white supremacist, western, colonial-informed heteropatriarchal notions of health and ways of being in the world. We seek to reclaim and re-center the experiences of women and femme people of color, trans, gender non-conforming, queer, working class, immigrant, sick & disabled, and third world women & femmes.

We Must Dream Big

Living in a culture that is working vehemently to terrorize our humanity and render us extinct does indeed inflict enduring psychological and emotional wounds, effectively severing ties to our creativity and capacity to imagine a new way of life. We believe that daring to embody our collective capacity to dream of a new world  is a profound form of resistance to the intricate ways this system writes us out of our futures. Our collective healing as women & femmes is only as tangible as we allow ourselves to dream. We believe that it is crucial to indulge fully in our imagination and audacity to dream as weaponry and armor against the emotional and psychological warfare that continues to be waged on our freedom.

We are Oceanic

We honor, affirm, and celebrate the brilliance of our sacred community. We believe it is critical to affirm more expansive & multidimensional ways of existing, being, and living. Your full humanity is welcome here.

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  1. this is so amazing <33

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  2. you are LITERALLY doing a world of good. 🙂

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