Meet The Team


Danielle Stevens is a radically compassionate visionary with a gentle and sharp unapologetic tongue. Born and raised in southern California, she is a community healer, writer, educator, and cultural producer whose work has been featured on For Harriet, Elixher Magazine, Colorlines, The Guardian, and a host of other platforms. She has shared her work and/or curated workshops in over 40 cities and three countries nationally and internationally and in collaboration with over 100 community partnerships and collaborations. She is the Co-Founder of This Bridge Called Our Health, a digital publication and community resource providing services & promoting dialogues around health, healing, and wellness through a social justice lens. You can find more about her work here, check out her Instagram slayage here, and indulge in her #BlackFemmeSupremacy Facebook musings here.

Danielle spends much of her time engaged in meaningful healing practices including ancestral spiritual practices, spell-casting, oracle card readings, astrology, mindfulness meditation, deep self- reflection, & emotional release. In her spare time, she loves preparing fresh afro-vegan/vegetarian food, singing classical, R&B, and Neo-Soul Music, turning up to trap music, flexing, exchanging makeup and lipstick tips, and throwing herself mini Kaytranada dance parties. She is also happily married to Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham, obsessed with Mean Girls and is in a polycule love triangle with kale & avocado. Danielle currently resides just outside of DC, and is currently engaging in a much needed renewal from 10 years of activism & community organizing. She now spends her time falling in love with her true self, her life, and every single thing in it.


Annie Alexandrian is a compassionate, generous, and radiant spirit. She is a resilient multi-racial womyn of color, of Armenian, Black, French, and Japanese descent. Annie is invested in creating spaces within which women and femme folks can exhale and breathe in ways that are affirming to us and reflect on our intrinsic sacredness. She is continually healing from the unimaginable grief and the losses of her Mother and sister Alexis. Defined by their absence, she attempts to fill the gaps with her future and a drive to address the structural and social conditions that allowed for such losses to occur. She carries their spirits and words through moments of silence and laughter. They are and always will be what fuels her activism, her education, and why she is able to wake each day and brave this world in which they are no longer physically here.

She is personally and academically passionate about intersectionality and the social determinants of health, community-based work, the impact of toxic stress and trauma on intergenerational health, and equitable access to quality reproductive health and postpartum services in low-income communities of color. She loves writing poetry and fiction, going to spoken word performances and concerts, watching horror movies, and biking to the Berkeley Marina. Annie is intentional with her words and the relationships she cultivates.  As a graduate student, Annie seeks to decolonize and challenge the hegemonic ideas and frameworks within the field of public health. Annie is a womanist, full-spectrum doula-in-training, and a writer. Living each day in remembrance of her roots. Working in search of justice and love.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen says:

    Love you both so much. The bios reflect your beauty and complexity and I’m glad. I am honored to be a part of this project.


    1. We love you so much Karen, and are so immensely grateful and honored you will be a part of this project ❤


  2. JeNae' says:

    to and grateful for
    you sisStars~ caring for myself is a political act and i speak your names


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