Our Visions and Mission

About This Bridge Called Our Health: Re[imagine]ing our Minds, Bodies, & Spirits: 

We provide an online healing space for women and femme people of color of all genders and expressions to imagine a world free of violence and trauma; a world that welcomes and invites us to embody our authentic and full selves. We offer healing and imagination workshops to in order to provide a sacred space to women and femmes of color to breathe in serenity, mindfulness and relaxation as a reprieve to the day to day violence we experience. We focus on curating holistic, homeopathic, and community-based health solutions to women and femmes of color that resist the violence imposed by the western medical industrial complex. We center our work within a disability justice lense and a deep analysis of resisting anti-blackness.

Within an enduring white-supremacist, capitalist, heteropatriarchal, sociocultural context that has historically and continues to kill off our ancestors and elders, invalidate our lived experiences, strip us of our resources to live and heal, and undermine the ways we embody our truths; we celebrate the truth-tellers, freedom fighters, warrior women, & fierce femmes who resist every single day. We honor those whose pain is real but constantly systemically, who must navigate overlapping forms of violence in maintaining our survival, who have and continue to embody infinite wisdom through our bones, whose spirits continue to create pathways for our health, healing, and liberation.

We amplify these stories untold; these narratives unpublished within mainstreams dialogues around health and wellness. We hold these testimonies in the utmost sacredness and care. The narratives and experiences of women and femmes of color of all genders matter so fundamentally for us. With this blog, we hope to create a wildly creative and supportive environment in which bloggers and contributors are celebrated in sharing the graciousness and warmth of our truths in order to reclaim our self-determination on our OWN terms. This is a collective labor of resistance through memoir as we unapologetically write, sing, paint, draw, and breathe ourselves into humanity and existence; as we carefully craft the stories to our survival.

Our blog title is grounded in and modeled after the anthology: This Bridge Called My Back, in honor of the women and femme ancestors and healers of color whose narratives, wisdoms, and truths serve as blueprints for our liberation and movements towards freedom. These women breathe resistance and survival through their bones, allowing us to live through their audacity to reclaim our collective livelihood. The dreams of Cherrie Moraga, Gloria Anzaldua, Barbara Smith, Beverly Smith, Nellie Wong, Marsha P. Johnson, Audre Lorde, our mothers, our sisters, our siblings, our fierce femme relatives, and other revolutionary warrior women instilled in us the importance of healing from within & catalyzing coalition building with all women & femme communities of color, including but not limited to trans, gender non conforming, queer, working class, immigrant, sick, chronically ill, & disabled, and third world women & femmes. We ground our work in these truths and hope this forum will operate as a sacred and meaningful space within which women and femmes of all genders can celebrate, affirm, & exhale with one another.



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