Announcing Our Name Change: Moonlight Wellness!

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by Danielle Elizabeth Stevens: Director, Moonlight Wellness (Formerly, This Bridge Called Our Health)

Hi friends! We are happy to announce our name change to Moonlight Wellness!

When This Bridge Called Our Health first began 5 years ago in late 2014, it was a digital publication started by two dear friends who were interested in exploring the intersections of art, social justice, health, and healing. Fast forward 5 years and we are thrilled that our work has reached heights we lovingly imagined! We have been published in dozens of publications including Colorlines, For Harriet, and The Guardian; We’ve appeared on a range of news and radio platforms including CNN and Sirius XM Satellite Radio; And our work has even been included in the syllabi of course curriculum at universities like UC Santa Barbara, Cal State Long Beach, and UW-Eau Claire! We have been deeply grateful and humbled to earn the trust and support of our community in producing culture that allows marginalized folks to see themselves and their stories reflected in an honest, compassionate, and vulnerable way to engender healing and becoming.

After establishing and developing a range of meaningful community partnerships, expanding the scope and capacity of our work, shifting our inner workings to improve efficiency, and a relocating across the country, we have greatly expanded to become an international, multi-service consulting practice specializing in rendering mental & emotional health & wellness services for Black folks, LGBTQ communities, women, youth, survivors of violence, & communities of color through a trauma-informed, social justice lens.

In order to reflect the complex and comprehensive challenges we are addressing, speak more accessible and fluently about the work that we do (and have BEEN doing), reach a wider and more robust audience, and most importantly, step fully and fearlessly into the work we have been sent here to do, we felt it necessary to shift our name into one that commands the significance of the communities we serve and the revolutionary work we are thrilled to offer to and alongside our communities.

With that, we are thrilled to announce that we are now Moonlight Wellness, a consulting practice offering a range of services at the intersection of integrative wellness, social change, and community transformation. For over 4 years, we have utilized evidence-based & artistic interventions to design community trainings  focused on cultivating empathy and creativity, restorative and transformative justice, and developing visionary leadership, in order to combat the negative psychological effects of discrimination, improve population health outcomes, eliminate health disparities, & promote community transformation.

We also offer consulting, strategy, & capacity-building around diversity & inclusion and health & wellness for non-profit organizations and have had a range of clients including the National LGBTQ Task Force, the City of Newark’s Health Department (NJ), Colorado Org of Latina Opportunity & Reproductive Rights (CO), The NAACP (DC), and so many more. We have designed and implemented programs in over 50 cities nationally, 5 countries internationally, and in partnership with over 100 community based organizations.

The namesake of Moonlight Wellness is threefold:

First, it is in honor of the history of enslaved Black people who, under moonlight when the sun went down, engaged in sacred ritual, conjured miracles, and engendered healing for our people through song, hymn, dance, movement, love, community and family. Our ancestors were able to resist against white supremacy to create worlds in which we now embody. We are our ancestors most vivid imaginings and through family, ritual, and community, we, like them, will continue to create worlds beyond resistance and beyond our suffering.  In a white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal world that is working vehemently to render us extinct, we understand the power of coming together, of keeping our communities sacred, to ourselves, and in honor of our power. Through working in coalition with individuals, communities, and organizations, Moonlight Wellness is committed to developing tools and resources to keep us whole, resilient, healed, and radically joyful as we work toward social change.

Secondly, we understand that in darkness, the light of the moon is most salient. We understand that as people who embody trauma and inherit generations of pain that is murky, scary, unknown, and deeply challenging to confront, that bringing light to those wounds can bring forth healing. Moonlight Wellness is committed to curating trauma-informed spaces that offer a deliberate pause to the noise of capitalism, white supremacy, and discrimination, in order to do the radically compassionate work of creating blueprints for our healing, and to bringing forth healing within in our communities.

Thirdly, this name change underscores the spiritual alchemy that is this work: we understand the spiritual essence of the moon, the Divine Femininity of the moon, and as conjurers and conduits for new worlds, we tap into the energy of the moon to continue to light our path and help us create blueprints to new and expansive worlds of our most vivid imaginings. Moonlight Wellness understands that in a traditional, conservative, white supremacist, Judeo Christian-centered world, that spiritual practices and indigenous rituals that descended from our ancestors are often shunned, shamed, and undermined. In resistance to the imposition of white western colonial western structures and in order for us to become whole, nourished, and reconnected to our ancestral spiritual practices, Moonlight Wellness is committed to honoring the contributions and traditions that our ancestors have made to health, wellness, and spirituality; that are often ‘othered’ as “alternative health” or attributed to new-age white folks. These practices include breathwork, yoga, meditation, astrology, birthwork, midwifery, Ifá/Lucumí/Santería, and many other practices.

Moonlight Wellness provides services at the intersection of integrative health and wellness, community transformation and healing, & social change to conjure new possibilities and new worlds for those in the margins — those sometimes unseen in the darkness. We are committed to creating a world where survivors of violence & oppression have the education, empowerment, & self-determination to enhance their quality of life and wellbeing.

Please join us in welcoming our name change! We will keep this site active but please visit our Instagram & our Facebook for more information.

Welcome to Moonlight Wellness!





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