At Statement from Concerned Alumni and Students

 Dear UCSB Administration and Feminist Studies Department,

As alumni and allies, we are writing to you this Pride month to express our shock, outrage, and disappointment that gender nonconforming and transgender Feminist Studies students and allies have reported transphobia in the classroom and online. With rampant transphobia emboldened in the Trump era, UCSB must not create hostile learning conditions for its students. When an institution of higher education that values knowledge mirrors the behavior and social rhetoric of the Trump administration in its educational praxis, something has gone terribly wrong.

Transgender and gender non-conforming students already face numerous additional obstacles, from violence and threats to verbal abuse and discrimination on and around campus. While there may not be any truly safe spaces on campus, the Feminist Studies Department has often served as a respite from some of the transphobia that students encounter both interpersonally and institutionally.

It has come to our attention that among the many otherwise-wonderful Feminist Studies course offerings, some deleterious and hateful material has been presented in the classroom and online targeting trans students. Material that denies the existence and lived experiences of trans people, especially trans women, is not only factually inaccurate but harmful to trans students. Such views are incompatible with the ethical responsibilities of Feminist Studies as a discipline, and should not be espoused by instructors, TAs, or in course material.

These issues are not merely an academic debate; when the academy legitimates transphobia, it lends credence to an ideological position that systematically disenfranchises and kills trans people. We have seen an increase in murders and hate crimes targeting trans people this year, in addition to trans folks committing suicide as an outcome of the violence they experience. This year alone, nine trans women of color have been murdered in the U.S. without justice (and these are only the cases that have made the news).

We call on the Department of Feminist Studies and the administration of UCSB to help eradicate transphobia at UCSB. We ask that the department ensure its course offerings are free of transphobic material, and advance appropriate, peer-reviewed scholarship and theoretical frameworks on trans people and their experiences. Instructors should not promote material in the classroom and department that denies the reality of trans people’s experiences or reifies gendered and sexed binaries as essential or real. We also ask that the department explore and implement departmental resources for trans and gender nonconforming students as they teach, work and learn in the Feminist Studies department. We also demand that the UCSB Administration increase resources for trans students on campus including but not limited to mental health, educational, social, and justice-oriented resources. The UCSB Administration’s inaction on transphobia on campus in the face of our current political climate is unacceptable. We must ensure the safety and well being of all students, especially transgender and gender nonconforming students.

We, alumni and allies, cosign this message and urge UCSB to take action immediately.


(Signatures will be added, thanks for your patience as we deal with high volume. To sign on to this letter you can click here, for brief requests contact Sophia at

Danielle Elizabeth Stevens, Sociology, UCSB ’14, Former Queer Commission Legislative Liaison, Co-Chair of Black Quare & RCSGD Staff Member

Abrahan Monzon, Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘12

Hannah Kagan-Moore, History of Art and Architecture, UCSB Current Student

Sophia Armen, Feminist Studies and Global Studies, UCSB ‘13, Former AS President  

Elia Arispe, History, UCSB ‘15

Patrick Marshall, Materials, UCSB ‘19

Jocelin Hernandez, Black Studies and Sociology, UCSB ‘16

Sema Quadir, Psych and MCDB. UCSB ‘15

Gene Castro, Global Studies, UCSB ‘13

Anita Szeto, Environmental Studies, UCSB ‘12

Stephany Bravo, Chicana/o Studies, UCSB ‘15

Sarah Vilardo, Feminist Studies and English, UCSB ‘12

Melissa MacDonald, Sociology and Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘15

Alfredo Del Cid, Sociology and Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘11, Former Queer Commission Co-Chair  

Sandibel Borges, Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘17

Amanda Wirth, Political Science, UCSB

Darlene Moreno, History, UCSB ‘14

Armando Carmona, Sociology, UCSB ‘11

Paul Monge, Sociology and Global Studies, UCSB ‘11

Brady Forrest, Global Studies, UCSB ‘12

Tiffany Mayville, Environmental Studies, UCSB ‘11

Alissa Der Sarkissian, Department of Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychology, UCSB Current Student

Hina Shaikh, Ethnic Studies, UCSD Current Student

Madison Villanueva, Asian American Studies, UCSB ‘17

Camila Camaleon / Ernesto Pina, Feminist Studies & Black Studies, UCSB ‘18

Anthony Osuna, CCSP, UCSB Current Student

Juan Galvan, History of Public Policy, UCSB ‘14

Gabrielle Castleberry-Gordon, Italian/Black Studies, UCSB ‘15

Maya Aramouni, Political Science, UCSB ‘16

Kaitlin Gerds, Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘15

Scott Hannah, Biology, UCSB ‘16

Edrick Sarkissian, Linguistics, UCSB ‘14

Julia Flores, Sociology and Education, UCSB ‘14

Cierra Raine Sorin, Sociology & Fem Studies, UCSB Current Student, Former GSA President

Isabelle Fleury, Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology, UCSB Current Student

Atreyi Mitra, Public Affairs + institute is society and genetics, UCLA Current Student

RJ Thomsen, Feminist Studies & Sociology, UCSB ‘13, Former Co-Chair of Queer Commission 2012-2013

Alicia Guajardo, Sociology with a minor in Black studies, UCSB ‘12

Joshua Hudson, Sociology & Global Studies, UCSB ‘17

Yurani Muratalla, Sociology, UCSB ‘18

Delaney Stucki, Sociology & Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘14

Melanie West, Ethnic Studies, UCSD Current Student

Susy Zepeda, Sociology, UC Santa Cruz ‘13, Assistant Professor of Chicana/x Studies -UCD

Kristen Martinez, American Indian Studies, UCLA Current Student

Cynthia Estrada, English and Education, Graduate Student Researcher at UCLA

Adrián Denton, Spanish, UCSB ‘12, AS SCORE CO-Chair, Visitor Center Ambassador

Mariah Webber, Feminist Studies, UCSB Current Student

Ivan Lamas-Sanchez, Sociology and Anthropology, UCSB ‘14

Navkiran Kaur, Black Studies, UCSB ‘15, AS Senator, S.C.O.R.E Co-Chair

Hasmik Burushyan, Political Science, UCLA Current Student

Eric Lopez, Sociology, UCSB ‘13

Jessica Fernandez, Environmental Studies, UCSB ‘18

Yi “Shae” Xu, Art History, UCSB ‘12, QCOMM member

Kimberly Miranda, Chicana and Chicano Studies, UCLA Current Student

Kareem Al-Asmar,  EEMB, UCSB ‘14

Diana Dang, Sociology, Asian American Studies, and Political Science, UCSB ‘16, Former Human Rights Board treasurer

Sawyeh Maghsoodloo, Political Science, UCSB ‘14,  Former AS Senator, AS Attorney General

Amanda Lam, Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘13

Cynthia Cifuentes, Chicano Studies, UCSB ‘09

Lisa Manukyan, Psychology and Social Behavior, UC Irvine Current Student

Sam del Castillo, CCSP, UCSB Current Student, QTGSU President

Amanda Kelley, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, UCSB ‘18  

Juliet Kunkel, English and Global Studies, UCSB ‘06

Rebekkah Smither, Biochemistry and Chemistry, UCSB ‘17

Deandre mh, Linguistics, UCSB Current Student

Chelsea Matamoros, Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘14

Alexander Givens, Fine Arts, UCSB ‘13

Amara Miller, Sociology, UC Davis ‘18

Danny Khuu, Asian American Studies, Sociology, Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘14, Queer Asian Pacific Islander Social Justice Chair (12-13), President/Educational Manager Dashain Co-op (12-13), Asian American Studies Department Peer Adviser (12-13)

Ginette Sims, CCSP, UCSB Current Student

Rachael Goldman, Psychology, UCLA ‘17

Isabella Restrepo, English and Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘12

Dio Aldridge, Black Studies, UCSB ‘13, Former Co- Leader of Black Quare, Resident Assistant in Residence Life

Guadalupe Martinez, Black Studies, Chicanx Studies, UCSB ‘16, Former MCC Student Assistant, SJCON Coordinator

Naia Al-Anbar, Anthropology, UCSB ‘18, Former QComm External Coordinator, Former MCC Council Co-Chair, & Former Board President of SBSHC

Vanessa Solis, Sociology, UCSB ‘06, Former EOP Peer Advisor

Katherine Wehler, Theatre, Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘16

Isabel Duron,  Chicano studies, UCLA Current student

Himadhari Sharma, CCSP, UCSB Current Student  

Marleen Muñoz, Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘16

Dwayne Mosbey, Global Studies, UCSB ‘18, Former Chair of AS Public Safety Commission, Former Chair of Queer Student Union

Derek Haddad, Classics, UCSB’ 17

Reyna Camacho, Education, UCLA ‘15

Karen Buenavista Hanna, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Barbara, PhD Graduate ‘18

Jessica Vasquez, Sociology, UCSB ’19

Julia Ostromogilskaya, Political Science, UCSB ‘16, Hermanas Unidas Cochair

Desere Shuter, Civil & Environmental Engineering, UCLA ‘13

Meagan Vigus, Linguistics, UCSB ‘14

Cassie Rubio, Global Studies and Comparative Literature, UCSB ‘16, Former Womxns Commission Chair

Cristina Awadalla, Sociology, UCSB ‘14, Current PhD student

Kevin Delucio, CCSP, UCSB ‘17

Miya Sommers, Global Studies, UCSB ‘14, Former AS Senator

Floriane Siegel, Communication, UCSB ‘11

Livia Solis, History, UC Santa Barbara ‘19

Rebecca Wear, Theatre/Dance, UCSB Current Student

Thomas Franke, History, UCSB Current student

Olivia Miller, English and Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘14, Former FUQIT Officer, 2011-2014

Allie Yaldezian, Communications, UCSB ‘12

October Montoya, Feminist Studies, UCSC ‘16

Maya Keshav, Linguistics, UCSB Current student, Communications Director, QTGSU

Caragh Barry, Spanish and Portuguese, UCSB Current Student

Andrea Mora, Psychological Brain and Sciences , UCSB ‘17, Former Non-Trad Student Resource Center Admin and former McNair Scholar

Terra Dressler, Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, UCSB Current Student

Brenda Camacho, Geography, UCSB ‘15

Brooke Baxter, Sociology, UC Santa Cruz ‘06, Former MSI student instructor

Samantha Poyser, Education, UCSB ‘15; Current Student

Pedro Craveiro, Spanish and Portuguese, UCSB Current Student

Marisa Salinas, Sociology/Chicana/o Studies, UCSB’ 06, Current, Former Sociology Diversity, Equity, and Affirmative Action Representative

David Rubinstein, Mathematics, UCSB ‘18

Norma Orozco, Global Studies, UCSB ‘14, Former Women’s Commission Member. Former Student Lobby member, Former Office of the President Staff, Former Office of the External Vice President Staff, Former IDEAS CoChair

Phoenix, ECE, UC Davis Current Student

Grace Morrison, Feminist Studies,  UCSB ‘14

Lauren Tweedie, CCS Physics, UCSB ‘16

Elizabeth Ventura, LALS, UC Santa Cruz ‘08

Jamiee Cook, English, UCSB Current student

Marlene Rivera , Sociology, UCSB ‘11

Annie (Adrianna) Alexandrian, Feminist Studies and English, UCSB ‘13

Paulina Abustan, Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘10, Former UCSB Womxn’s Commission Co-Chair, Former AS Rep

Valerie Leibold, Feminist Studies, UCSC ‘12

Benjamin Hurst, College of Creative Studies Book Arts, UCSB ‘18, Former co-chair of Queer Art Collective, co-organizer of genderqueer No Body Holy concert

Brittni Tanenbaum, Psychology, Anthropology, Feminist Studies, English, UCSB ‘10 Former A.S. Queer Commission Co-Chair; Former Queer Student Union Officer; Former RCSGD Staff; Former UC LGBTQIA Association Co-Chair

Westerlund Cyrus, Film & Media, UCSB ‘18

Teralyn Evans, Sociology, UCSB Current student

Yareli Castro Sevilla, History & Political Science, UC Irvine ‘17

Edan Tessema, Black Studies & History, UCSB ‘18, Former Students for Justice in Palestine member & Former Pan African Student Union member

Rose Mennig, Feminist Studies & Political Science , UCSB ‘16

Katherine Von Schalscha, CCSP, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UCSB Current Student

Nicole Leopardo, Political science and Black Studies, UCSB ‘12, Current Race and Resistance  Studies professor at San Francisco State University

Eugene Riordan, Global Studies, UCSB Current Student

Andreana Clay, Sociology, UC Davis ‘04

Alec Ramirez, French, UCSB Current Student, Former QComm Member

Alexis Meza, History, UCSB ‘13

Blu Buchanan, Sociology, UC Davis, Current Grad Student, Co-Founder of Students and Workers Ending Racial Violence, Cross Cultural Center GSR, and UAW 2865 rank-and-file member

Lisseth Murillo, Literature, UCSB ‘17

Daniel Lazar, ECE, UCSB Current Graduate Student

Dan Meltzer, Geography, UCSB Current student

Sarah Shankel, Mathematics, UCSB ‘14

Lily Cain, Political Science, Spanish, UCSB ‘16

Teddy Lee, Sociology, UCSB ‘13, Former QCOMM & QAPI member

Lorena Alvarez, English and Black Studies, UCSB ‘18

Sheila Kulkarni, Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCSB Current Student, Recording Secretary, UAW 2865

Jordan J. Tudisco, Comparative Literature, UCSB Current Student, Board member of the Queer and Trans Graduate Student Union

Erycah Taylor, ENVST, UCSB Current Student

Alejandra Melgoza, Chicanx Studies and History, UCSB 2017

Lily Manson, Sociology and Communication, UCSB Current Student

Vanessa Ayala, CCS ART, UCSB Current Student

Hannah Simon, Feminist Studies and Political Science, UCSB Current Student

Jem Unger Hicks, Environmental studies, UCSB 2019

Kaylee Rosa, Fem Studies, UCSB Current Student

Juan Silverio, Art and Chicanx Studies, UCSB L&S, and College of Creative Studies, Current student

Jazmin Villalpando, Political Science, UCSB  ‘12, Former Women’s Commission Member

Erick Martinez, Physics, UCSB ‘17, Former Society of Physics Student President

Sasha Nasir, Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘19, Former journalist for UCSB Humanities & Fine Arts, former Community Service Chair for Phi Alpha Delta Co-ed Pre-law Fraternity

Kirsten Gaytan, Biology, UCSB Current Student

Shannon Weber, Feminist Studies, UCSB Ph.D ‘14, Former TA and Teaching Associate in Feminist Studies

Stephanie Rodriguez, Social ecology, UC Irvine Current student

Jessica Shah, Feminist Studies/ Communication, UCSB Current Student

Aimee Hanna, Art, UCSB ‘17, External Chair, Isla vista community relations committee; co-chair, queer art collective

Hamoun Dolatshahi, Communication and Media Studies, UCSD ‘17

Harrison Weber, History, UCSB ‘12, Former AS President, Former UC Council of Presidents Undergraduate Chair, Former Student Advocate General

Darleen Martinez, Sociology, UC Berkeley ‘14

Melissa Albarenga, Chicano/a Studies, UCSB ‘13

Allison Pierce, Feminist Studies, UCSB Current Student

Simone Ruskamp, Political Science, UCS ‘11

Leticia Cobra Lima, History of Art and Architecture, UCSB, Current PhD student

Steven Li, College of Engineering, UCSB ‘12

Ximena Garcia Arceo, Physics, UCSB ‘18, Former Womxns Commission member

Kristina Esopo, CCSP, UCSB Current Student

Rosie Bermudez, Chicana and Chicano Studies , UCSB ‘19, Outgoing advisor to M.U.J.E.R.

Minal Habash, History, UCSB ‘18, Former QComm Internal Coordinator

Olivia Jaffe-Pachuilo, French, UCSB ‘14, Former Womxn’s Commission Chair

Brenda Lara, Chicana/o Studies & Philosophy, UCLA ‘17 Grad & Current Graduate Student

Andy Peinado, Global Studies, UCSB ‘12

Paola Villegas, History, UCSB ‘16

Nicole McKeon, Information Studies, UCLA ‘18, Former president of LGBTQIA+ Information Studies student group

Azra Muftic, Global & International Studies and Middle East Studies, UCSB ‘14

Emily Sulzer, Information Studies, UCLA Current student

Malwina Maslowska, Psychology and Political Science, College of Letters & Science, 2014

Carolyn Sohn, Asian American Studies, UCSB ‘13, UCSB staff member

Jonathan Abboud, Political Science, Technology Management, UCSB ‘14 ‘18, Former AS President, Trustee, Santa Barbara Community College

Jordan Pendergrass, History, UC Berkeley ‘16

Yusuf Alnawakhtha, Physics and Computer Science, UCSB ‘18

Pia Guerrero, Visual Arts, UCSD ‘95

Julia Koerber, Biology, Feminist Studies minor, UCSB ‘18, Former CARE Peer Educator

Mariam Agazaryan, Global Studies, UCSB ‘14, Former Womxn’s Commission Co-Chair, former Women’s Center student Staff

Serafin Aguilar, Sociology, UCSB ‘16

Maria Mendez, Latin American Studies , UCSB ‘18

Mesadet Sözmen, Global Studies, UCSB Current grad student

Chloe Tsang, Creative Studies Art, UCSB ‘19

Elaine Higgins, English, UCSB ‘19

Kimia Hashemian, Sociology, UCSB ‘16, Former AS IVP

Aurelia Castellanos, Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘16

Jennifer Rivera, Comparative Literature, UCSB (B.A.), UCLA (M.Ed.), ‘10

Amy Martinez, Sociology, UCSB‘13

Niko Van Eimeren, Environmental Studies, UCSB ‘19

Julian Bustos, Global Studies, UCSB ‘15, Former QAPI, KP, AS member

Samantha Wilcoxson, Linguistics, UCSB ‘17

Isabell Liu, Communication, UCSB Current Student

Gustavo Barahona-Lopez, Chicana/o Studies, UCSB ‘14

Emilie Colwell, Environmental Studies, UCSB ‘15

Julia Tubert, Society and Environment, Public Health, UC Berkeley ‘16, Current Grad Student

Janet Espinoza-Huacuja, Sociology, UCSB Current Student

Alyssa Hall, Environmental Studies & Bren School, UCSB, ‘13, ‘15, Former TA Environmental Studies

Erin Williamson, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, UCSB ‘16

Tracy Nguyen, Sociology, UCSB ‘19, Former LGBTQ+ House Cultural Mentor

Tyra Kristiansen, English, UCLA ‘17 BA /current student BA, AAP PLF

Emanuel Suárez Jimenez, Chicana and Chicano Studies , UCSB ‘18, Former: QCOMM Member, RCSGD staff, Chicanx/Latinx  Graduation Co-Chair, La Familia De Colores Co-Chair, QTPOCC member

Brigitte, Park, Earth Science, UCSB Current student

Samuel Young, Bren School/ESM, UCSB ‘15

Cora Balogh, Sociology, UCSB Current Student

Alisan Amrhein, Environmental Science and Management, UCLA & UCSB, ‘10, ‘14

Jessica Gomez, Communication, UCSB Current

Vari Keasey, Pre-Biology, UCSB Current Student

Elisabeth Oatis, History, UCSB Current student

Naomi, Dougherty, Biology, UCSB Current Student

Joey, Garcia , Sociology , UCSB Current student

Sean Finch, Computer Science, UCSB ‘12

Micaela McGee, Sociology, UCSC Current Student

Victoria Granado , Sociology, UCSB ‘14

Kassandra Barraza, Sociology, UCSB Current Student

Kyremina Youssef, Sociology, UCSB Current Student, Women’s Center Volunteer

Frances Woo, Sociology, UCSB Current Student

Love Goyal, Bren School, UCSB ‘16

Elle Loza, Psychology and Brain Sciences, UCSB Current Student

Erika Ito, Global Studies, UCSB ‘16

Christina Norton, Political Science, UCSB Current Student

Cassandra Belden, Psychology and Environmental studies, UCSB ‘13

Zachary King, Sociology, UCSB Current Student

Alexa Nelson, Psych and Brain Sciences, UCSB Current Student

Kevin Alcantar, Art, UCSB ‘13

Alex Holran, History, Sociology, UCSB Current Student

Victoria Rivera, Chicanx Studies, UCSB Current Student

Jordan Paddock, Art, UCSC ‘13

Marco Madariaga, Chican@ Studies and Education, UCSB ‘18

Aleks Espinoza, Engineering, Berkeley ‘12

Yamilet Gonzalez, Sociology, Current Student, Second Year

Julia Bielenberg, UCSB Current Student

Alida Dunca, Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies and Sociology, UC Davis ‘19

Brandon Quintana, Environmental Studies, UCSB Current, Ostem Officer

Madiha Fairooz, Psychology, UCSB Current Student

Christian Alonso, Anthropology, UCSB ‘14, Former QSU Member

Arlene Hernandez, Chemistry, UCSB Current Student

Michelle Bogart, Psychological & brain sciences UCSB Current student

Marissa Perez, Film & Media, UCSB ‘15

Reyna Kauil, Political Science, UCSB ‘14, Former Student Lobby Member

Iliana Flores, CCSP, UCSB, Current Student

Matthew Santos, English, UCSB ‘17, AS Senator 2014-2015, UC Student Association Financial Aid Advocacy Director 2016-2017, UCSB Office of Financial Aid Policy Analyst (2015-2017)

Emily Valenzuela, Comm and Music, UCSB ‘19, Former KCSB/KJUC Program Director

Jocelyn Lopez, Chicano Studies , Current Student

Stanley Tzankov, Political Science, UCSB ‘12, Former AS Senator, Former AS Chair of Academic Affairs

Jennifer Kim, Black Studies & Communication, UCSB ‘14

Aide Pinedo, Biological Sciences, UCSB ‘19

Jenny Sperling, Education, feminist studies (ucsb undergrad 2011, comparative literature and Spanish), UCSB Current student

Elyce Bayat, Mechanical Engineering , UCSB Current graduate student

Aia Hawari, Literature Dept., UCSD ‘17

Julia Anderson, Sociology, UCSB ‘14, Former Assistant Resident Director

Cassidy Barrington, Sociology and Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘11

Jessica Hai, Education, UCSB graduate student

Emily Williams, Geography, UCSB, Current Student /PhD Candidate

Denice Barba-Medina, Sociology , UCSB Current Student

Ixchel Morfin, Psychological & Brain Sciences, UCSB, ‘19

Yvette Linares, History, UCSB ‘19

Garrett Sonstegard, Political Science, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Barbara, Current student

Logan Sy, Economics, UC Santa Barbara Current Student

Levi Huntley, Linguistics, UCSB, Current Student, Former RHA QTSECC

Katherine Melendez, Political Science , UCSB, Current Student

Halleiujah Dawite, Sociology, UCSB, Current Student

Dylan Norng, Math, UCSB, Current Student

Bailey Needham , Psychological & Brain Sciences / Sociology, UCSB Current Student

Raquel Zelaya, Sociology, UCSB, Current Student

Lizbeth Martinez, Biology, UCSB, Current Student

Felix Dong, Communication, UCSB, Current Student

Lesley Garcia-Huerta, Physics, UCSB, Current Student

Isabel Rushby, Statistics, UCSB, Current student

Lizzy Flores, English Department , UCSB, Current Student

Aaron Dicioco, Psychological & Brain Sciences, UCSB ‘19

Jess Leeds, Political Science / History, UCSB, Current Student

Sierrah Lara, Biopsychology , UCSB, Current student

Charlotte Hovey, Sociology and Communication, UCSB, Current student

Cynthia Valencia, Chicano Studies and Sociology, UCSB, Current Student

Melissa Janson, CCSP, UCSB, Current Student

Danielle Perez, Sociology, UCSB, Current student

Elizabeth, Ensign, EEMB, UCSB ‘19

Sam Hoadley-Brill, Philosophy, UCSB, Current Student, Orientation Staff Member

Andrea Mora, Sociology, UCSB, Current Student

Lindsey Mottus, Education, UCSB, Current student

Sabrina Ritz, Communication, UCSB, Current Student

Kaitlyn Medland, Political Science, UCSB, Current Student

Helen Roades, History, UCSB, Current Student

Ryan Thomas, Political Science, UCSB ‘18

CeCe Street, Biology, UCSB Current Student

Beatriz Fiorentini, Feminist Studies & Global Studies, UCSB, Current student

Renée McPherson, Sociology, UCSB ‘19

Sarah Danielzadeh, Psychology & Brain Sciences, UCSB, Current Student

Jackie Rohrer, Chemistry, UCSB Current Student

Dulce Fuentes, Biology, UCSB, Current Student

Selena Saad, Psychology, UCSB, 2018, Former SCORE Exec

Ryan Leigh, Philosophy, UCSB, Current student

Elizabeth Rozok, Biopsychology, UCSB ‘17

Valerie Capp, Geography, UCSB, Current Student

Angelica Goetzen, Sociology, UCSB, Current Student

Reuben, Murillo, History, UCSB, Current Student

Adilene Quintanilla, Latin American and Iberian Studies, UCSB, Current Student

Ari Moini, Soc/Poli Sci, UCSB, Current Student

Tara, Habibi, Economics, UCSB ‘19

Ellen Ji, Environmental Studies, UCSB, Current Student

Alana Ulloa, History, UCSB, Current student

Lluvia Gomez, Sociology and Fem St, UCSB Current Student

Anthony Agama, Political Science, UCSB, Current Student

Madhusha Sellahewa, Sociology, UCSB, Current student

Diego Reyes, CCS Biology, UCSB, Current Student, M.U.J.E.R. General Member

Ali Khen, ES, UCSB

Desiree Losada, Political Science, UCSB, Current Student

Stephanie Sellin, Communication, UCSB, Current student

Ellizibeth Schmoll, English and Slavic Studies, UCSB ‘14

Ashley Forrest, Sociology, UCSB, Current Student,

William-Claude Baker, Global Studies, UCSB ‘16,

Sophia, Wengier, Biology, UCSB, Current student

Heather Macias, Education, UCSB ‘19, Former VP of Academic Affairs, GSA

Arielle Mercado, ES, UCSB, Current Student

Tiffany Cowan, Computer Engineering, UCSB, Current Student

Marisol Ramirez, Psychology and Brain Sciences, UCSB, Current student

Joel Medina, Sociology, UCSB, Current Student

Krishna Balagopal, Biochem, UCSB, Current student

Catalina Miranda, Global Studies, UCSB ‘18

Hannah Karim, Psychology, UCSB, Current Student

Miickala Diaz, Political Science, UCSB ‘19

Jayne Butler, Dance, UCSB, Current Student

Sofia Camarena, Sociology and Spanish, UCSB Current Student

Mikio, Sacramento, Communication, UCSB Current Student

Elsie, Amador, Feminist, UCSB Current student

Cynthia Carranza, Spanish, UCSB, Current Student

Jasmine Pao, Psychological and Brain Sciences and Asian American Studies, UCSB, Current Student

Yan Lei, Environmental Studies, UCSB, Current Student

Donica Washington, Biology, UCSB, Current Student

Amalie Jorgensen, Film and media and sociology, UCSB Current Student

Bobby Mireles, Chicano Studies/Philosophy, UCSB ‘16

Lorena Torres, Linguistics, Sociology, UCSB ‘16

Wesley Denstaedt, Linguistics, UCSB Current Student

María Salcido, English, UCSB Current Student

Andre Theus, Sociology, UCSB ‘15, Former: AS Chief Financial Officer, AS Senator, USSA Board

Hillary Blackerby, Dramatic Art, Black Studies and Spanish, UCSB ‘ 07

Isaiah, Rodriguez, Psychology, UCSB ‘19

Cristina Saldivar, Chicanx Studies, UCSB ‘15

Sam Vega, Feminist Studies/ Philosophy, UCSB, Current student

Bella Bohn, Feminist Studies, UCSB, Current Student

Gary Ganci, Biology, UCSB, Current Student

Maddy, Galas, Art, UCSB, Current Student

Emily Smith, English, UCSB, Current Student

Sienna Beach, Global Studies, UCSB, Current Student

Jessie Marguet, Political Science, UCSB, Current Student

Priscilla Díaz, Psych, UCSB, Current Student

Lily Chen, Economics and Art , UCSB, Current Student

Naomi, Chia, Global Studies, UCSB , Current Student

Alyssa Saldaña, Environmental Studies, Feminist Studies, UCSB, Current 3rd Year Student, KCSB FM General Manager

Miso Jang, Sociology and Asian American Studies, UCSB ‘19

Natalie Herriott, Linguistics, UCSB Current Student

Jorge Sandoval, Environmental Studies, UCSB ‘19

Quincy Smith, Letters and Science (environmental studies), UCSB Current student

Adrian Viloria, Sociology , UCSB, Current Student, QTC Board Member

Maya Bernal, Sociology, UCSB, Current Student

Javier Pulgar, Education, UCSB, Current Student

Pamela Vizconde, English, UCSB, 2018, United Sorority and Fraternity Council President

Jessica Duran, Classics, UCSB, Current student

Kaitlyn Nguyen, Environmental Studies, UCSB, Current Student

Natalia Gonzalez, Sociology and Chicanx Studies, UCSB ‘19

Sophia Abboud, Psychology, UCSB Current Student

Lily Gosline, Sociology, UCSB, Current Student

Leela Ray Barlow, Political Science/Global Studies, UCSB, Current Student

Christina Jacob, Psych & Brain Sciences, UCSB, Current Student

Alissa Lopez, Feminist studies, UCSB, Current Student

Bridget Harr, Sociology, UCSB, Current Student

Clarissa Rivera, English, UCSB, Current Student

Yran-Eory Medrano, Chemistry, UCSB, Current student, CNCSP

Megan Wong, Environmental Studies, UCSB Current Student

Esther Franco, Biology, UCSB Current Student

Tianna Treichelt, Communication, UC Santa Barbara, Current Student

Kristine Piedad, MCDB/EEMB, UCSB, Current Student

Kassandra Ortega, History, UCSB Current Student

Estefani Panduro, Psychology, UCSB ‘17

Vanessa Martinez, Economics, UCSB ‘19

Margarita Murillo, Chican@ Studies, UCSB ‘18

Elena Allen, Mathematics, UCSB ‘13

Anna, Sanderson, Mathematics, UCSB ‘18

Meg Unden, Sociology, UCSB, Former unit chair & statewide bargaining chair (alternate) UAW 2865

Lily Aiwohi, Comp Lit, UCSB, Current Student

Adalis Rojas, English, UCSB, Current Student

Xally Avalos, CCS Biology, UCSB, Current student, Former UCSB IDEAS Co-chair

Hannah Gustafson, BMSE, UCSB ‘14 and Current Student

Winter Sierra, Sociology, UCSB, Current Student

Vivian McGowan, Environmental Studies, UCSB, Current Student

Sydney Hannum, Communication, UCSB ‘19

Jazmin Navarro, Political science, UCSB Current Student

Gwen Anderson, Black Studies, UCSB ‘18

Jackie Gordon, Sociology, UCSB ‘10

Sarah Watkins, History and Feminist Studies, UCSB ‘14

Tori Leatherman, Mathematics, UCSB ‘19

Ruby Stewart, Sociology, UCSB, Current Student

Meghan Macias, Education, UCSB, Current Student

Zion Solomon, Religious Studies, UCSB, Current Student, Former AS Senator & Finance and Business Chair

Toshi Steimetz, Economics, UCSB, Current Student

Faeben Wossen, Biological Sciences, UCSB , Current student

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