This New Video Series Addresses the Harm of Disposability Culture in the Social Justice World

On #GivingTuesday, Danielle Elizabeth Stevens of This Bridge Called Our Health is Launching Waging Love: A Digital Healing Retreat for Activists. To donate, click here.

In the world of social justice movement building, it has become increasingly apparent that for many of us, transformative justice, reconciliation, and community healing are praxes for which we have an abundance to learn. The tendency to disregard, shame, drag, dismiss, and dispose that we have come to learn in social justice movement building is fraught with damage and trauma, it forecloses our opportunities to love, understand, relate to, and build with one another in deeper, richer, fuller, and more liberatory ways. It is impossible to cultivate the revolution and freedom that many of us say we are committed to building when we are tearing one another apart in the insidious and heartbreaking ways that have been prevalent in this movement work. We forget that if we seek to manifest structural and systemic change, we must trust that we, as individuals and a community, can collectively embody this same type of growth.

Concurrently, the political climate within which we live makes it so that many of us are experiencing much more woundedness than ever before. We are overloaded with traumatic news reports and plagued with hateful bureaucratic practices that are carefully crafted to undermine our value and worth as human beings. We are both much more hypervigilant and much more sensitive. Being inflicted with this type of psychological warfare is which our humanity is constantly under siege can cause irreversible damage to our mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological health and stability. Many of us feel fragmented and disoriented; numb and apathetic; angry and guarded; hopelessness and terrified.

How do we move ourselves to love, life, and inspiration, when we have been entrenched in a war waged against our very being for centuries?  How can we cultivate resilience, hope, and possibility to conjure a new world in a time where we experience so much defeat? How can we reconcile from the harm we have inflicted onto one another – as a symptom of the pain we carry – and dare to be a bit more compassionate, wage a bit more love? What is possible when we surrender the “master’s tools” that give way to community destruction and instead discover the blueprints to grant ourselves permission to wage love, compassion, and possibility toward each other and ourselves? How do we reimagine how the effects of systemic violence conditions us to engage with one another and instead build generative and life-affirming processes of resilience for creating and being in community while still being effective agents of change?

” How can we dare to be a bit more compassionate with one another — wage a bit more love? “

Danielle Elizabeth Stevens of This Bridge Called Our Health along with healers, visionaries, artists, and organizers across the U.S. are lovingly working to develop: Waging Love: A Digital Healing and Resiliency Retreat for QTPOC Activists.  #WagingLove is lovingly curated as a digital sensory experience and innovative learning environment where integrated online video content, experiential participatory webinars, immersive digital modules, and other experimental digital curriculum is radically designed exclusively for and by marginalized communities to engender longevity and sustainability in our movements toward freedom. Participants will cultivate skills around visionary leadership, creativity and intuition, tenderness and revolutionary care, self and collective healing, restorative and transformative justice, understanding healing and trauma, establishing trust and faith that a new world is possible, and becoming bold and brave architects of that new world.

Healing justice is a systemically feminized form of mental, emotional, and spiritual labor that, under capitalist patriarchy and structural racism, is readily consumed yet highly underfunded. Shift this paradigm by donating to #WagingLove and witness the alchemy of tapping into our capacity to embody resilience and healing in this unjust system. Join us as we create new worlds and infinite possibility for ourselves, our families, and our loved ones. 🖤

For this #GivingTuesday support us by making a donation to this tender he(art)work!

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Danielle Elizabeth Stevens is an integrative healing artist, community health practitioner, & diversity and inclusion consultant originally for Los Angeles, Ca, now based in DC. She holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Sociology with a minor in Education. She has curated visionary and exploratory play spaces at the The New Museum New York, NY, The Museum of Impact and Newark Arts in Newark, NJ, Redline Contemporary Arts Center in Denver, CO, and her work is part of the permanent collection of the Newseum in Washington, DC. Danielle connects social justice and activist education through audaciously imaginative and wildly creative pedagogical frameworks to demonstrate that life and social change are fundamentally artistic endeavors. When she’s not traveling the world teaching marginalized communities how to use mindfulness and imagination for collective restoration and social change, she is preparing wholesome vegan meals, being competitive at board games, and dancing like no one is watching.

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