Welcome To This Bridge Called Our Health– We are looking for writers!


This Bridge Called Our Health: Re[imagine]ing our Minds, Bodies, & Spirits is a queer and trans-inclusive intentional space for writings, testimonies, and narratives by and for women and femmes of color of all genders about the intersectional experiences that shape and impact our health. An Intergenerational, Body & Sex-Positive Health Blog, we are committed to amplifying and centralizing the narratives of women and femmes of color of all genders in relation to the ways we engage in our Health, Healing, & Intentional Living practices.

We are looking for bloggers, writers, dreamers, visionaries, artists, lovers who would like to be part of this movement! We know there are so many truth-tellers, freedom fighters, warrior women, & fierce femmes who speak so much truth and wisdom through their bones, whose stories are untold, unpublished within mainstreams dialogues around health and wellness; whose testimonies we hold in sacredness. We honor, affirm, and celebrate you and would love for you to join us in reclaiming on our livelihood, self-determination, & survival on our OWN terms ! We value your narrative & hold your testimony in the utmost care. This is a collective labor of love, affirmation & sacredness. And we welcome you to celebrate with us ❤ 

If you are interested in more information, please email Annie or Danielle at: thisbridgecalledourhealth@gmail.com & be sure to check out our Facebook Page!.

In warmth and liberation,
Danielle Stevens & Annie Alexandrian


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