“The Sacredness of Sensitivity; Arriving At Truth in Our Hearts” By Danielle Stevens


Far too often, we as women and femmes and queer and trans people of color who experience truth through the sacredness of our intuition, are told we are too sensitive, too fragile to be acknowledged; the ways we show up in our softness and gentleness delegitimized, seen as too weak for the hardness that capitalism has demanded we embody. The ways in which we feel and breathe are constantly under siege.

Far too often we are told to distrust the wisdom spoken in our souls’ language; To rid ourselves of the emotional truths that ground & sustain us; To disregard the intuitive knowledge that guides us in creating our blueprints for freedom; To neglect the insight that ancestors speak through us during moments of isolation & chaos. The ways in which we feel and breathe are constantly under siege.

The imposition of white supremacist patriarchal models of expression means that our society overvalues oppressive, harsh, ways of showing up in the world. It means we are told to be ‘rational’, ‘logical’; We are told we cannot feel, we should not imagine, we need not dare to dream. It means we internalize messaging that demand we say no to our emotional truths, to the tenderness of our feelings. There is danger in this — our authenticity, our power, our self-determination are at stake. Our humanity absolutely depends on our collective liberation from these hegemonic tropes that fail to bear our reflection; We must recognize the power and deep resistance in allowing ourselves to feel. We must move away from shaming ‘accusations’ of sensitivity that criticize us for feeling, and instead melt into the abundant & rich sacredness of our sensitivity that reveals to us what is real, what is now, what is possible. ❤

“The white fathers told us, I think therefore I am; and the black mothers in each of us-the poet-whispers in our dreams, I feel therefore I can be free.” Audre Lorde

Hold sacred this special truth. Hold sacred the creative ways we accesss our humanity. Resist the ways we are told to stifle our breadth, to thin the oceanic vastness that is our power. Allow yourself to arrive at home in this truth… your freedom in in your hands. ❤


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mel J Aliya says:

    I love that this is your first post!
    There’s so much power in allowing ourselves to feel.
    Our bodies and spirit tell us everything we need to know to care properly for ourselves if only we knew or we given the time/space to listen to them and encouraged to trust them.
    Thanks for writing this and sharing. Looking forward to seeing more posts from this blog.


    1. Thanks for the generosity in your comment, Mel. 🙂 We affirm this sentiment wholeheartedly, thank you for embodying and sharing your truth. ❤


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